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Nov 2, 2012 9:00am EDT
you, thank you so much. >> with the election on tuesday, just four days from now, president obama and mitt romney getting ready to weigh in on the jobs report. we'll bring you live coverage of each candidate's remarks. looking for a better place to put your cash? here's one you may not have thought of -- fidelity. now you don't have to go to a bank to get the things you want from a bank, like no-fee atms, all over the world. free checkwriting and mobile deposits. now depositing a check is as easy as taking a picture. free online bill payments. a highly acclaimed credit card with 2% cash back into your fidelity account. open a fidelity cash management account today and discover another reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. ♪ welcome to the world leader in derivatives. welcome to superderivatives. >>> welcome back to "squawk on the street." september factory orders hit the wires up 4.8%, a couple tenths better than expectations. and the august number was a big minus, minus 5.2 now 5.1. sow factory orders joins data that is better than expected. carl, back to you. >> rick
Oct 30, 2012 9:00am EDT
at the very end. cape may county one of the major disaster areas declared by president obama this morning. one of eight-counties across new jersey. cape may in addition to the likes of ocean county and atlantic county and ocean county, point pleasant, new jersey, got hit extremely hard as well as seaside heights, ocean city, all of those barrier islands and towns are completely flooded and access to the inland is hopefully going to be restored soon. as of right now, moving up to atlantic county, of course atlantic city, one of the hardest hit regions, of course, sa sandy making landfall just about five miles southwest of atlantic city last night. and even though the water has receded and there's not that much flooding in town from what we've seen, a lot of the damage has been done to businesses there. this morning on "morning joe" new jersey governor chris christie made some very, very dire assessments to what he expects the damage will be in atlantic city and on the jersey shore. take a listen. >> i think what we'll find, unfortunately, when we get to the jersey shore today is total devastati
Oct 29, 2012 9:00am EDT
for president obama. you've certainly declared. i wanted to know is this the kind of october and november now surprise that can benefit a sitting president more than a candidate? >> well, who knows. i mean, you know, there's been -- i've heard it argued both ways, jim. that, you know, the people who are lower income are going to have more difficulty getting to the polls. other people have indicated that -- that it will favor the sitting president. certainly i hope that's the case. but i can't predict that. >> jim, i wonder, though, we're getting some fresh polling out of ohio where the president once not long ago, jim, had a five-point lead. it looks very even right now. people still discussing a participation gap, an enthusiasm gap versus his first election in 2008. how do you -- how worried are you about that? >> well, obviously concerned. i would expect that in michigan and ohio where the car industry has been reenergized, that that would have a significant impact. we certainly notice that our business in those two states is pretty good. so that was a help for us relative to the economy. >
Oct 31, 2012 9:00am EDT
. the story continues. we're waiting for president obama and governor christie's arrival. that will be an interesting bipartisan moment here in atlantic city. >> that fire hydrant picture is stunning. scott cohn, you're in a part of manhattan that's described as two different cities right now. that couldn't be more true. >> reporter: good morning from wall street. we moved inland from battery park and if you were just dropped here from outer space and just looked around for a second, you might think that this is a regular day at the office. of course it's not. mayor michael bloomberg was here to ring the opening bell for trading. we asked him as he came out of the exchange about the symbolism of that opening bell. >> it's good for the city and good for the country and good for everybody to get back to work. >> reporter: as you can see, the workers are here. many of them got here before dawn to try to get things going. it is not easy to function in your daily life on wall street today. nothing is open. there's no power around here. more to the point, there are a lot of iss
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4